Wednesday, July 9, 2014

High Sierra Camp Loop

This past September Zack and I went to Yosemite to backpack the high sierra camp loop. We have done a portion of this trail before, and even stayed at one of the campsites before, but this was our first time doing the entire 50 mile loop. While I was packing a snapped a photo for you all to get an idea of what I pack:

I will have to do another post to detail what I pack. After all of the supplies, food and water I was about 23 lbs. That is a good amount for me. 

We spent our first night in Yosemite at the backpackers camp. You can stay here for $5 per person the night before and after your permit reservation. 

The location was not bad at all. 

The Merced River runs right next to the backpackers camp site. 

We parked on the side of Tioga Road and took the Dog Lake trail head. 

Our first night was as Glen Aulin. 

For lunch I made a tuna sandwich with a packet of tuna, a shelf-stable mayo packet, and a piece of  pita bread.

I made a yummy dinner of fettachini alfredo with a packet of chicken. 

****I never finished the posts on this 50 mile back packing trip. For that, I am sorry. This was the best (and so far, last) backpacking trip of my life. I took some of the best pictures! I wish I could find time to finish it!*****

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